Hair Care

Hair Care

Always healthy, bright and strong hair is a universal symbol of beauty and sensuality as well as the so-called "frame of the face".
To ensure the well-being and beauty of one's hair, a correct and balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins is essential, while adopting an active and healthy lifestyle and avoiding harmful substances such as smoking and alcohol.

However, it may happen that phenomena such as hormonal and metabolic imbalances interfere with the normal growth cycle of the hair compromising its health.

Water, sun, salt, chlorine, stress, excessive washing, drying at too high temperatures, curling irons and plates, but also the use of dyes and products that are aggressive and / or not used correctly, weaken and break down the hair, thus affecting the aesthetic aspect of the hair.

It is important to nourish the hair and try to prevent its damage.
Depending on the hair - smooth, wavy, curly - and according to the problem to be treated, Erbe e Virtù has formulated specific products and treatments - for delicate, fat, dry, dyed, brittle, frizzy, with dandruff - able to provide the right substances to our hair, so as to reinforce it, hydrate it and protect it.

All strictly free of silicones, parabens, SLES, GMO and PEG, based on pure oils and natural extracts ideal for the well-being of the skin and naturally strong, beautiful and healthy hair.

Hair Care

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