Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet Care

Hands and feet have always been a symbol of seduction, elegance and sensuality. However, it is their skin that is most prone to the appearance of unaesthetic changes such as chapping, dryness, callus, swelling, and corns.

The feet, we often tend to neglect their care, perhaps because during the winter they are kept well hidden, and it becomes easier when the weight of our body is placed on them, and their care is fundamental for the well-being of the whole organism. The hands, on the other hand, are more subject to atmospheric agents, to chemical products such as detergents, and perform manual work; therefore, they need continuous attention so that the skin is constantly treated and kept elastic, especially in the case of specific diseases that also alter the appearance of the skin of the hands, but also of the feet.

All obtained exclusively with precious blends of oils, botanical extracts and vitamins, the Line Hands and Feet of Herbs and Virtues guarantees an impeccable action on all the imperfections of the hand and foot.

Our formulations - as always free of parabens, dyes and aggressive ingredients - allow us to meet the needs of customers who are increasingly attentive and aware of the natural and the benefits that a product has to offer.

Special spa treatments for all types of imperfections on which to act and products for home use, to enhance the effects and continue the treatment over time.

Hands and Feet

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