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Erbe e Virtù, a natural cosmetics company, is very attentive to the preparation of products that give benefits and are natural, strictly avoiding the use of parabens, petrolatum, chemical additives, synthetic microparticles. Here in our exfoliants that are oils or creams we use only use walnut or coconut powder with active ingredients and fragrances that the customer likes. The exfoliants have the function of freeing the skin from dead cells and impurities. By improving the superficial microcirculation they give brightness and compactness to the complexion. Erbe e Virtù offers exfoliating treatments to be performed periodically. The skin will be purified deeply. The treatment is carried out with circular and delicate massages with the tips of the fingers starting from the inside of the face up to the outside, insisting on the forehead, nose and chin. For oily skins, exfoliating massage promotes removing excess sebum and give brightness to the skin that appears opaque and graying. For sensitive and reddened skin, however, exfoliation discouraged.

Erbe e Virtù presents two types of scrubs: - Mechanical, using fruit pit granules and chemical exfoliants.

The mechanical exfoliation occurs with the rubbing of the skin with creams or oils enriched with microgranules that enhanced by a careful massage stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

The chemical exfoliation occurs with the use of cream based on fruit acids. The formulations that Erbe e Virtù employs are based on fruit acids which, held in place like a mask, creates the same result. Soft and smooth skin.

Body Scrubs

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