Disposable Bandages

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The Disposable Bandages are special beauty treatments, with a hot or cold effect, which exploit the chemical process of osmosis which involves the passage of solvent from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated one, allowing the release of the active ingredients contained in the bandage directly to the skin.

Applied in an institute by expert hands, the bandages have, among other things, the advantage of simultaneously exercising a gradual and constant compressive action, favoring a draining action. Associated with pressure therapy they increase lymphatic drainage and with the use of a thermal blanket they amplify and speed up the action. The heat of the electric blanket is contraindicated in cases of capillary fragility and vascular problems.

Depending on the skin imperfection that you want to treat, the bandages are soaked with special preparations, at high concentrations, specially designed to give maximum performance. Disposable, hygienic, safe, and quick to use, they allow maximum penetration of the Active in the skin to make the most of the potential of the ingredients.

Disposable Bandages

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