Cocconut Body Scrub

The natural exfoliating coconut scrub removes impurities, stimulates the production of collagen making the skin luminous and hydrated

The Coconut Body Scrub promotes microcirculation and cell turnover thanks to the delicate scrub effect of the Fruit Pearls. It removes dead cells and impurities, purifies, smoothes and brightens the skin. Also suitable for skin asphyxiated, rough to the touch, opaque and dull, it helps to give the skin its youthful and fresh look. The coconut used is full of concentrated vitamins and lends itself to the care of the body and the skin, giving well-being and nourishment.

Active Ingredients:
Coconut powder; Walnut powder; Witch hazel extract; Achillea extract; Mallow Extract; Hyaluronic acid; Collagen; Sweet Almond Oil; Avocado oil; Wheat protein; Soy protein; panthenol; Vitamins.

apply on the skin - preferably wet - and massage until a gentle exfoliating effect is obtained; rinse with water. Use 1/2 times a week as needed.

No contraindications with normal use. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes, open wounds, broken or damaged skin. Check sensitivities to the components in the formulation.

Natural Product:
Every lot may vary in color or consistency but it does not effect the quality of the product. Keep in a cool and dry place.