Erbe e Virtu ButterflyErbe e Virtù (Herbs and Virtues) was born officially in 2006 but for about ten years we have worked closely with nature, using the active principles of plants and flowers and welcoming the demands of a fascinated audience and aware of their natural virtues. Our phytocosmetics are rich in the most precious substances that nature offers us: aloe vera, wheat germ, asian centella, shea butter, horse chestnut, plant stem cells, snail slime, rose, mosqueta, asian centella, collagen, jaluronic acid ceramides , Seaweed, clay and many more.

Amazingly, the number of plants that possess beneficial properties: stimulating and toning the rosemary, astringent and antiseptic sage, refreshing the aloe gel, so relaxing and moisturizing is the orange. Nature gifts we enclosed in jars and bottles to appreciate its qualities and properties.
Erbe e Virtù is an Italian company specializing in natural cosmetics in the Italian and foreign markets. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise gained over the years and through innovative techniques, it produces high quality and marketed products focusing on the functionality of the active ingredients to counteract skin imperfections but also to prevent and remove the signs of time.
The functional evaluation of cosmetic formulations is carried out in collaboration with the dermatological clinic of the University of Padua through dermatological tests involving the use of volunteers to evaluate their safety and efficacy.
In the realization of each product we strictly avoid the use of chemical agents, without parabens, without petrolatum, without dyes and other elements contrary to our professional ethics documented by technical sheets and protocols that are released to the customer.
Personalized lines for facial and body care (even small quantities) formulations, production, filling with our or your bottles test patches, challenge tests, technical sheets, safety sheets, protocols, technical support for project design, choice Packaging and graphic design.