Disposable Phosphatidylcholine Bandages

Phosphatidylcholine bandage with juniper essential oil and Ginseng extract for removal of localized fatty deposits and cellulite

The Ready to Wrap Bandages with Phosphatidylcholine has a straw-yellow color and a characteristic smell of essential oils. The bandage is presoaked in a soft gel and is ready to use. Indicated to counteract skin imperfections of cellulite and localized fat deposits on the epidermis and has an important draining action. The special molecule extracted from soy, phosphatidylcholine, helps to emulsify fats while favoring the elimination toxins. With Ginseng extract and enriched with the Juniper and Mint essential oil which strengthens the anti-cellulite action thanks to their unique toning and stimulating properties.

Active Ingredients:
Phosphatidylcholine, Ginseng Hydroglyceric Extract, Mint Essential Oil, Juniper Essential Oil

Apply from the ankle / foot to the inside of the thigh, then wrap plastic wrap and leave on for 30 minutes. Finally rinse the affected parts with a sponge. Particularly effective with the use of pressure therapy or electric blanket.

No contraindications with normal use. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes, open wounds, broken or damaged skin. Check sensitivities to the components in the formulation. Keep in a cool dry place.

Natural Product:
Every lot may vary in color or consistency but it does not effect the quality of the product. Keep in a cool and dry place.