Lemon Essential Oil

The Lemon Essential oil help fight acne, cellular aging and oily skin while having a citrus fruity scent

The Lemon Essential oil tones the circulatory system, stimulates lymphatic and venous circulation, strengthens blood vessels and fluidizes the blood. Excellent against disturbances due to poor circulation like heavy legs, swelling, cellulitis, varicose veins and capillary fragility and chilblains. Also useful as a purifier if used a few drops in the preparation of clay masks. The Lemon Essential oil is useful in cases of acne, oily and impure skin. Lemon essence also has lightening properties, promotes the formation of new cells of the epidermis, fights the processes of cellular aging, and at the same time, helps in healing. For this reason it is suitable for skins with sunspots or old age, wrinkles and stretch marks. It is also an excellent reinforcer for weak or thin nails.

Origin: Italy

Part used: The lemon peel.

Extraction method: The Lemon Essential Oil is obtained by cold pressing the peel of the ripe fruit. In it there are small vesicles containing the precious essential oil. About 300 kg of skins are required to produce one liter of essential oil.

Note of essential oil: citrus scent, sweet, fruity

Active Ingredients:
Citrus Medica Limonum Oil

Dilute about 3 drops with massage oil. For use on the skin we recommend dilution in jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil or shea butter because the intense fragrance of these high quality essential oils can be overwhelming. Environmental diffusion: 1 drop of essential oil for each square meter of the environment spreads, through burner of essential oils or in the water of the radiator humidifiers. Relaxing bath: 10 drops in the water of the bathtub, emulsify by mixing the water, then bathe for 10 minutes

no contraindication in normal use procedures. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and open wounds. Check the sensitivity of the components present in the formulation. In case of irritation, rinse with plenty of water. Essential oils are considered unsuitable for children. Never use any essential oil with children under 3 years.

Natural Product:
Every lot may vary in color or consistency but it does not effect the quality of the product. Keep in a cool and dry place.