Marine Draining Body Cream

The mix of algae promotes the melting of accumulated fat by activating the elimination of waste and reducing fat deposits.

The Marine Draining Body Cream is a rich marine formulation that contains all of the seas energy. Its precious extract boosts collagen synthesis and restructures skin tissues. It helps to regulate blood microcirculation favoring the aesthetic treatment of localized adipose tissue and toxin draining.

Active Ingredients:
Dead Sea Salts (Maris Sal ) are rich in oligoelements, promote skin remineralization while naturally exfoliating the skin; Spirulina Platensis Extract is an extract of the alga, Spirulina platensis, rich in vitamins and mineral substances, it contains β carotene, vitamin B12, iron and trace elements. It is known for its wound healing, moisture and antioxidant activities; Fucus Vesiculosus Extract is an extract of the dried thallus of the bladderwrack alga, Fucusvesiculosus which naturally contains phlorotannin antioxidants, bioactive polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It helps to improve skin elasticity providing hydration to the skin, it reduces inflammation and fights damaging free radicals and skin aging; Hippocastanus Extract (Horse Chestnut) stimulates the microcirculation which is essential to mobilize fat and toxins from the tissue; Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) restores the functionality of capillaries, clogged by the buildup of toxins and fat, improves blood circulation; Caffeine It performs an important action because it stimulates the drainage and the removal of liquids. It also moves the fatty acids in adipose tissue; Escin is the plant extract from horse chestnut is known to help treating varicose and spider veins and relieving leg pain; Collagen and Elastin enhance the skin’s elasticity, thus diminishing the risk or stretch mark appearance; Vitamins protect and nourish the skin

Apply on massaging vigorously with circular movements from the bottom upwards until completely absorbed.

No contraindications with normal use. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes, open wounds, broken or damaged skin. Check sensitivities to the components in the formulation. Contains Iodine.

Natural Product:
Every lot may vary in color or consistency but it does not effect the quality of the product. Keep in a cool and dry place.